A Midnight Tread over Covet

Treads, the brand create by Ju Weissnicht and responsible for the amazing boots I blogged months ago (and still wear everyday) has found a new home on Covet. I decided to infiltrate the waterfront store at midnight to have a look around while it was quiet. The store takes the form of a platform suspended just above the water off the docks of Covet’s shopping area.


Aside from the amazing boots Ju has added some animations as well. While I was waiting for a friend to arrive I had some fun playing with the new sitting animations available from Treads . Its a small selection so far but there will be more to come in the future. As it is there are several walks for men, some sitting poses and a few ladies poses as well. While I was waiting the creator himself turned up, but, like the store itself, he remains a bit of a mystery. A quick exchange of a glance and a blink later he was gone.


Finally my friend showed up, also in Tread’s K boots. Since the boots come prefit in 5 sizes they are great for anyone looking for something easy to fit that looks great. You can also see her here in one of Ju’s new stand animations for women. Its one of two stand animations for the ladies and they are both smoothly animated with a little bit of attitude.


Treads new mainstore is not to be missed. I have seen people shopping at the platform, fishing on it, parties breaking out on it, and I have late night plans of my own for it. Be on the look out for new shoes, animations and who knows what else from this enigmatic creator and his continuing evolution at Covet.

In the meantime.. back to my plans….


Until next time…….

Boots- Kboots in black by Treads

Necklace- Survivor by Shine

Vest and gloves- Cargo Suit set for men by GEMINI Cybernetics

tats- Code human and the Wired garden by Garden of Ku

Arm cuff by Tonktastic

Stand and sitting animations by Treads

Couples pose- Surrender by Vain

From Head to Toe

I don’t mention this enough, but Exile is home to two other up and coming brands. Shine, Brandy Rasmuson’s brand of eyes and soon to be accessories and Treads, Ju Weissnicht’s Brand of shoes. Since I’m falling down on the job blogging their releases I decided to actually try to make a nice looking blog post with bloggy pics for it (Read: Kavar pretends to be a blogger).

First up Brandy’s Exquisite new eyes. The Cathedral Series is a great example of Brandy’s evolving style. Every series is different and more polished then the one before. These take their name from their glassy appearance, much like stain glass windows you would find in a Cathedral. You can see the details come to life when you zoom in on them, almost like bubbling heated glass they kind of glimmer over the reflections and light depth in the textures. Available in ten stunning colors there is sure to be something for every one’s taste.  Best of all Brandy sells each color for only 50L, so they are not only beautiful but affordable for even those on a strict budget. If your looking for just the right eyes or your an eye collector :D be sure to check out this new set in the store and also available on Xstreetsl here. They look fantastic on and I can’t imagine a better deal for beautiful eyes.


Next is Ju Weissnicht’s K boots under the brand name Treads. These boots just scream “I’m going to kick your ass”. They are something a lot of us have in our real life closets as well. The textures are amazing, they fit brilliantly and they come in 5 sizes for easy fitting for men or women and are available in brown or black. You owe it to yourself to try out the demo at least, its one shoe purchase I assure that you won’t regret. I personally haven’t taken them off since I got them, and I’m starting to think someone might have to pry them from my cold dead hands to get me to put something else on my feet. You can find these in world at the store and also available on Xstreetsl here.


This is just a taste of these brands. Keep your eyes open for more great things from them in the future.