Exile Profile Pick Reward – Sugared Raspberry

It’s summer time for half the world at least and perpetual summer in SL if you like it that way, so I thought I’d share with you some tips for beach preparedness. Don’t forget your handy bomb backpack from Rebel Xtravaganza. These are great for getting rid of pesky bugs, annoying people, entire beaches, etc.You’ll also need some fabulous goggles like these pink ones from Miau Haus to protect your eyes from the sun and to help you people watch without people knowing.

You need to wear something cute that will remind you to pick up some ice cream before you really melt, and this melting candy top from ~momo~ could be just the ticket. Heels like these “Wrap me up Dolly” ones in Crazy Barbie Pink from Periquita are a must so you can poke the people next to you to make them get the ice cream for you while you relax. Along with that, you can’t forget a skin like this Hope sunkissed skin in the Gig makeup from Tuli that makes you look so adorable that the people you poke will be utterly enchanted by you and run off to do your bidding without question.

Courtney by Exile (Profile Pick Gift - Sugared Raspberry)

But most importantly, you need the perfect hair to pull your whole outfit together and make you smile and feel beautiful and grab the attention of all the people you want to be seen by. Luckily for you, I know the perfect hair, and it’s free with a small bit of effort and a little patience on your part. Kavar has made this awesome Sugared Raspberry version of his popular Courtney hair, and it’s free to everyone with Exile listed in their profile picks. Teleport to Exile and open up the picks section of your profile to add Exile to your picks, and then after 24-48 hours, you can come back to Exile and touch the Sugared Raspberry Courtney vendor box at the front of the store to receive the hair. You’ll still have plenty of time to run to the beach and put all these tips into action!

Fashionable Relay Challenge – Post 16

Lavea Alter of A Bomb passed the baton to me in the fashionable relay challenge, and I chose to take her LoveCats facial piercings and run with them. They’re a little more extreme than the piercings I normally wear, and I decided to try to make them work in a girlier outfit that still has a bit of edge. Let’s see how I managed to do.

I was in the mood for big hair, so I picked Felicia from Exile, and the blue I chose started the color theme. That blue reminded me of the luminous eyeshadow on the skins Tuli recently gave to her group, and I chose the gothic tone because it seemed so cool against the dark blue hair. Then I skipped all the way down to the tights and shoes because I love both of these items and never find enough things to really show them off.

Brandy Rasmuson - Fashionable Relay

You can’t go wrong with black so I put on the Schadenfreude Strix corset and then tried a variety of jackets and undershirts and skirts and everything else in my inventory until I hit on the buckle corset from Torridwear with the perfect colors to pull the outfit together. The petal skirt from Rebel -X- gave a touch of whimsy, and its sheerness let me show off even more of the tights. The finishing touches were my Shiny Things choker tinted purple and the Katat0nik Achariya cuffs with an awesome HUD that lets me mix and match them with everything.

Now I happily pass the baton along to the ever adorable Dove Swanson, and purely by coincidence, the poses I used here are from her shop Long Awkward Pose.

Hair: Exile Felicia bluevelvet
Skin: Tuli Natalie (gothic) group exclusive
Eyes: Shine Cathedral Indigo

Tattoo: Tuli Henna tattoo
Shirt: Schadenfreude Strix Corset
Corset: TorridWear Buckle Corset (Blue Shift)
Skirt: Rebel -X- Liquid Flower Petal Skirt purple
Tights: Shop Seu taitsu tights blue
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit PornStar Hi-Tops

Piercings: LoveCats Piercing Set 3
Necklace: Shiny Things Stoned Choker – rose quartz (tinted purple)
Cuffs: Katat0nik Achariya cuffs

Reel Curvy

As Achariya writes, we her faithful minions follow. Seriously, I can’t help that she comes up with great ideas for blog posts! I’ve been saying for days now that I’m going to write a blog post for the posemaker challenge, and I’m finally making the time for it. Posemakers do seem to be one of those classes of unsung heroes in SL. None of us would have interesting photos without them, and yet they’re very often missing in credits lists.

Reel Curvy

One of my go-to posemakers is Luth Brodie of Reel Expression. I started looking for poses for my SL photos within my first month or so, and Luth’s shop was one of the first I found. Her poses helped me figure out I should look for in a good pose because they were so cleanly made without distorting my shape or my clothes. I always feel very natural when using her poses, and in fact, I use several of the stands in her curvy casual AO in my current AO rotation. That curvy factor is another reason why I so appreciate Luth. She has created versions of many of her poses to fit curvier avatars, and when she put together a huge pack of all her curvy poses, I ran over to buy them all as soon as I could. Thanks to her I can put my hands on my hips and not in my hips, and I can put my arms across my chest without losing them in my chest.

Still Reel Curvy

Because I wanted to focus on the great lines of these poses, I went with a simple outfit, the kind of form-fitting clothes I typically wear when I’m trying out new poses actually. I do want to pay a bit of special attention to the skin I’m wearing though. Teagan was kind enough to give me some of the newest skins at Tea Lane, and I really like this Treacle shade in contrast to my usual paler skin choice. As always at Tea Lane, the price is extremely reasonable for any shopper at $200L for both a freckled and unfreckled version, and there are a couple of skin tones darker than this one, including a new one called Chocolate, as well as several lighter ones.

Skin: Tea Lane Treacle Skin – Robyn makeup
Hair: Exile Kara Merlot
Eyes: Shine Cathedral Mocha
Shirt: TorridWear Indian Summer Tank White
Bracelets: Shai Eternal Nefertari Bracelet Cuffs (currently available at Digital Alchemy)
Necklace: Exile Lapis Sun goldring necklace (currently available at Digital Alchemy)
Jeans: Zaara Jeans {jewelled} *charcoal*
Shoes: Maitreya Frenzy Triple Gem
Poses: Reel Expression Photo 1: Arty V2 02 – Curvy and Rockabilly 07 – Curvy; Photo 2: Expression 9 – Curvy, Material Girls 08 – Curvy, and Fashion S1 06 – Curvy