Exile Hair Fair 2011 Preview

Yayayya its hair fair time :D


I’m really excited about the fair this year, the sims look great , the theme is fun and there is a lot of great new hair from tons of designers!  The fair opens to the public on the 2nd of July and runs till the 15th. Also be sure to join the “Hair Fair DEMO group” for easier access to the demos.


on with the preview-














Lots of Hair for You!

Just trying to keep up with everything Kavar is doing completely wears me out at times and trying to get all the info for a blog post sometimes feel a bit like herding cats. I’m happy that I can now share with you 7 new styles spread across 3 locations. Let’s start with the 3 female styles and 2 male styles available at the Exile booth at Hair Fair.

Are you looking for some short, spiky hair that looks like you’ve been out in the ocean spray for days? Then you definitely want Luis with the great mix of shorter dreads. Ready for some big dreadlock action? That means you have to take a look at Ty and please try to restrain yourself from licking the poster for Ty in the fair booth. We’re having a terrible time keeping that clean.

Whether you want a shorter funky style or just long loose waves, Exile has you covered at Hair Fair 2010. December is a longer layered style with a lot of volume around the crown and soft wavy hair pulled in front of the shoulders. Venus is big hair fit for a goddess as its name implies with texture-changing flowers scattered throughout it. Meduse is a chance for women to try out the dreadlock textures in a loosely styled updo.

And I know you’ve heard a lot about Project Donate and its efforts to raise money for UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis. Kavar has a hair there with 100% of the proceeds donated to the cause. Gemini is a long side-swept style that can be worn unadorned or with a leather headband.

The Dressing Room Blue has a new collection out, and that’s the place to find 4 colors of the flower-adorned Bronwyn for one low price.

Lolita at Hair Fair

As many of you have probably heard by now, Hair Fair 2009 has been extended two days as a response to some of the issues SL was having during the first weekend of the fair. This means the final day of the fair will be July 6 rather than July 4, but designers will still be able to put their Hair Fair styles in their own shops on July 4.

One of the styles currently up in the Exile booth at Hair Fair is Lolita, a funky set of pigtails with a variety of accessory options if you choose to use them. I personally love the kawaii barrettes that are included because the loops of pearls and dangling hearts make the hair even cuter. The hearts are scripted for several color options as you can see below, and there are even more colors not shown. The face decal with two small hearts is also in the package.

Lolita by Exile

If you’re not in the mood for the more ornate barrettes, then Kavar has included another option that still uses the scripted hearts. The heart duo barrettes are simpler but still just as sweet an option. Of course Lolita also looks great plain without any of the barrette options.

Lolita by Exile

Lolita is up for sale at the Exile booth on the SW sim at Hair Fair. Demos for Lolita and the other 4 Hair Fair styles are also available online at XStreet and at the Exile main shop.