Heart-Shaped Box at Exile

You might have noticed it’s been a little quieter at Exile. Kavar has been working like a mad man to remove older hairs from the shop, retexture the rest of the recent styles, and work on his very first skin line. Yes, you read that correctly. Exile now has skins for your shopping pleasure.

YOK teaser

All of the skins in this Heart-Shaped Box series have been named for great songs from the 90s and inspired by them. One of the You Oughta Know makeups is pictured above and is one of my favorites with that thick wild eyeliner and pale lips. Did you catch that I said one of the makeups? Each skin you buy actually comes with 2 makeups, which makes this skin series extremely versatile and affordable.

Pale and Natural HSB by Exile

In addition to the 2 makeups, each skin comes with both light and dark brows, a enhanced cleavage option, prim lashes, and the shape used in the vendor images. Free demos are available for all the skins in all 4 tones, so definitely visit Exile soon to try them all out for yourself.

Warm and Tan HSB by Exile

And if you’re in the Exile Gear group in-world, then you can find a special makeup called Crush (shown below with the dark brows) in all 4 tones in the group notices. The group does have a new enrollment fee of L$250, but that fee doesn’t apply to all of the current members of course.

Crush by Exile

Happy Birthday Exile!

Kavar has decided to give us all a gift for Exile‘s 2nd birthday this month! For the next week or so, all color packs for all the styles are reduced more than 50%. I’ll just be over here hiding from the stampede.

Exile Birthday Sale

For those of you sticking around past that announcement, I have some new Exile styles to show you. These are included in the sale too. Li was originally created for the RMB City Design Contest, and it’s a beautiful mix of traditional and modern elements. This is my personal favorite of the new styles, and I think it’s the asymmetrical fringe that really grabs me in addition to the texture-changing flowers.

Li by Exile

Carrie is a girly, soft hair, and this is exactly the look I was after back in the days I was saving up money to pay for my spiral perms. Now I’ll just be happy that I can have this look whenever I want in SL. Thanks Kavar!

Carrie by Exile

Alecia is one of those styles that highlights how Exile has made me fall in love with short hair. It’s so sexy with the way it falls across the right side of your face.

Alecia by Exile

And if you’re crazy about Alecia like I am, then be sure to activate your Exile group tag in-world and stop by to pick up this month’s group gift.

September gift from Exile

Early Start to July

There are so many new things at Exile to share with you that I almost don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll begin with the two new hair releases. Leo is the guy release this week, and it’s a full, layered style brushed back off the face and casually tucked behind the ears. There’s so much to love in this style, but my favorite part has to be the strands that fall down in front of the face because I catch myself wanting to reach up and brush those back.

Leo by Exile

The women’s release this week is a world away from Leo. Emmanuelle is a decadent updo that makes me think of the extravagant styles of the 18th century while still being completely wearable today. Wearing this one makes me want to dress up and take a walk through one of the historical sims for photos.

Emmanuelle by Exile

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