Live in Hope

So in case you haven’t some how heard already Tuli released her latest Skin Hope yesterday. I got the chance to play with it a bit early and all I can say is if you haven’t been to Tuli’s mainstore to try it yet go now. The skin is really beautiful on its own but what makes me really love it is the versatility of the face. I have a lot of shapes for keeping the vendors looking different and interesting and I couldn’t find one that hope didn’t work on. Despite that, I always take a bit of time to make some new model faces when I acquire a new skin to keep the vendors fresh looking and had lots of fun making changes to the shape with such a feature friendly skin. If you haven’t already run out and get some demos. Each skin comes with 4 brow options and there are 10 make ups to chose from in 5 different skin tones.


Also Tuli let me put up some of the shapes I made at her mainstore with the Hope vendors. So check them out if you need a shape for your new skin.



Taxi to Tuli

My new pal Lyra

Damien Fate of Loco Pocos, asked last night in Plurk if anyone would be interested in blogging about the new release Poco Pals, and I was one of the many people who said “Me!” and received a Poco Pal of my very own.

Now you may be asking what a Poco Pal is, and the quick answer is that it’s the cutest and most customizable stuffed animal I’ve ever owned in SL. If you haven’t been living under a rock recently, you’ve heard about Loco Pocos, the adorable tiny avatar in many animal forms, and these are simply a toy version of those avatars for the non-tinies who want to bring cuteness with them wherever they go. I asked Damien to pick any animal to send to me since I couldn’t decide from all the possibilities, and fate – Damien Fate that is! ;) – sent me a lion pal I promptly named Lyra. I highly suggest that everyone take advantage of Grab a Pal Day starting at midnight and lasting through all of May 21 to pick up a Poco Pal of your own at 50% off.

Lyra and I began our first day together hanging out at an outdoor café while I explored her other menu options. Fashion was a big part of the conversation as we discussed which shirt to wear and if she was in more of a skirt or pants mood since she has all those options available in different styles and colors. We just about wore ourselves out playing with all the eye and fur color combinations too.

Meeting Lyra

As the day progressed, we ended up at Loco Pocos Island for a little fishing, and I really began to feel like Lyra and I were connecting. We laughed together and smiled and glared and ran the gamut of emotions with her beautiful face and all the available expressions for it.

Fishing with Lyra

After a full day out and about, it was time to go home and unwind a little. All my friends commented that somehow Lyra and I had even begun to resemble each other as we spent more time together. I’m not sure I really get what they were saying though. What do you think?

Taking Lyra Home


Last night I put my newest jewelry release up in Shine, and I decided I’d take a stab at blogging my own new release for a change. Kavar usually ends up doing mine for me just like I usually do his release posts for him. It’s kind of handy that way because it just seems so much easier to talk about someone else’s work for some reason. To help me ease into this, I’m also going to highlight a couple of recent favorites from other designers along with my own new release.

Enchanted is a silver and pastel floral set based on an unique flower sculpt that I created and textured in ZBrush, and then I applied some pastel tints in Photoshop to get the 5 color options – blue, orange, pink, purple, and red – shown in the image below. The idea originated with a memory of some ceramic roses and lilies that my grandmother collected and kind of took on a life of its own.

Shine Enchanted

OK, enough about me! Let’s move on to two of my favorite recent purchases – the Fluorite Tree Corset from Schadenfreude and the I’m Not Cute pose set from Lazy Places. I don’t think I’ve taken the corset off since I bought it. I’ve worn it with jeans, dressy trousers, leather pants, and a few skirts, and I just keep falling a little more in love with it. Purple and green together is one of my favorite color combinations, and this is a lovely deep shade of both colors. The swirled design of tree branches and roots is bold on some parts of the corset and subtle in others, lending a sort of shimmer to the cloth.

While SakuraDawn named this pose set “I’m Not Cute!”, it’s the equivalent of an adorable 3-year-old with her hands on her hips emphatically telling you “I’m not cute!” because these poses are cute no matter what they’re named. That’s to be expected though since Sakura herself is cute beyond words no matter how she might try to deny it. The poses at Lazy Places are among some of my favorites because they tend to be a bit whimsical while still very well made in that your body isn’t broken into a million pieces by them and because the majority of them fit my larger-than-average shape. I can’t begin to describe what a joy it is to be able to buy a whole set of poses at once rather than having to pick and choose the ones that fit. Anything that enables me to shop faster and more easily is a plus in my book!

I'm Not Cute!

Lazy Places recently moved to the new Katat0nik sim, so if you haven’t been there in a while, you really need to go check out the new store and take a look at all the new releases from poses to creative accessories like talking cupcakes that sit on your head. It’s a great site for photos too as Sakura has placed several of her poses around the shop, and if you’re a 7 Seas fishing fanatic, you have to spend some time there with your fishing rod. I really need to collect all of the lip piercings and Baitlyn, one day you shall be mine!