New hair and textures at Exile!

So I have tweaked the textures and added a few new ones to chose from :D

All the textures are done with slight darkening at the roots to add a bit of realism and I have created a new pack called extreme that has lighter colors with black roots, it works a bit like a second naturals pack with more distinct roots. Some of the older hairs have been revamped as well so if you have some old favorites they might have gotten a makeover, if not they have been retired and I hope to remake a few of them from scratch, some sculpted and I want to try a few more mesh things now that the textures are sorted out.

To have a browse through the vendor images for the retextured hairs you can check them out in world or in this flickr group.

New Texture legend


Also there is a new free color demo hair for everyone to try at the store and new releases for the girls and the guys.